Latinos (both U.S. born and foreign-born) are changing the landscape of our country and our economy. Despite being the driving force behind business growth in the past 40 years, the Latino business community and the Latino community narrative continues to face severe misconceptions and challenges. That is why it’s crucial for Latinos and allied communities to continue to come together to celebrate our contributions, and uplift the many success stories of Latinos leading in their communities and across the country. 


 a national community-led initiative shining a light on the significant economic contributions Latino businesses make, the jobs they help create, and the positive impact they bring to all local communities and the U.S. economy.

One of the nation’s most diverse network of partners – including business leaders, owners, entrepreneurs, local activists, community organizations, elected officials, and corporate brands – come together to tell stories about the impact Latino businesses have today, and the endless possibilities they’ll be realizing tomorrow. 


We are working together – as consumers, allies and supporters – towards a movement that increases the opportunities available to Latino-led businesses. There are hundreds of organizations dedicated to empowering and advancing small and/or Latino businesses. We want to recognize the amazing work that has been done, while looking ahead to continued collaboration where we can support a(n)…


Strong community of partners, business-owners and advocates


Nexus of access, information, and advisors all in one place


A national call to action to refocus on the positive contributions, stories, and achievements


Opportunities that add value and financial assistance to grow, fund, and elevate

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