Afro-Latina businesses to support this Black History Month!

Afro-Latina businesses to support this Black History Month!
Shopping Guide

In celebration of Black History Month, we’ve outlined a couple of the many great businesses you can shop from and celebrate. Thank you for your support in elevating our community’s Afro-Latino workers and entrepreneurs!

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1. Cultured Kinfolk 

Cultured Kinfolk is a AfroLatina owned Black, Latinx, and POC cultural heritage brand + impact marketplace dedicated to amplifying the culture through reflective products, apparel, and content. Cultured Kinfolk was founded by @JanetLuzSackey a proud AfroDominican Ghanaian.

2. Tea Time Over

After trying handmade soaps for herself, this business evolved from the beauty in soap crafting, honoring the skin with natural soaps and scrubs. Experience for yourself the paraben and sulfate free skin care products. 

3. Babe Comets

The Babe Comets community has become larger than life. It is a community that boasts of self-love, communal appreciation, and boundless affirmations. Our babes embody confidence, boldness, and unadulterated fun as they strut into their goals.

4. Yo Soy Afro Latina

Yo Soy Afro Latina, is on a mission to empower Black women within the Latin community. Founded by a Black woman, YSAL celebrates Afro-Latinidad in the Americas and is here to validate our hermanas’ experience. This is more than a trend or a movement. This is a celebration of a culture that is just as diverse as it is rich in pride. 

My goal is to shed light on the beauty and the magnitude of Afro Latinas, to create a space where we are acknowledged, and to celebrate our beautiful, diverse culture. We’ve been here and we’re not going anywhere. This is our time to shine.

Bianca Kathryn, Owner

5. Turbantes & Balantas

The Miss Balanta project was born in October 2013 in a spontaneous way; the graphic designer Angelica Balanta grew up seeing her mother using turbans, which became her main inspiration. Her urge to learn more about her afro-Colombian roots has been the motivation to transform pieces of fabric into fashionable pieces of art. Turbantes y Balantas serves to empower women and highlight the afro culture values in their DNA.

Based in Colombia, Miss Balanta is invested in sustainable fashion with social responsibility, this includes collaboration with and donations to foundations supporting women with cancer or illnesses causing hair loss, moreover conducting workshops on how to use and feel beautiful wearing turbans, contributing to their self esteem while sick with cancer. Her followers ensure that Miss Balanta’s products are therapeutic head pieces, then make them feel secure, beautiful and empowered.

6. Bubbly Moon Naturals

Bubbly Moon Naturals is your eco-friendly, vegan & unisex skin care brand. We use nourishing certified organic/fair trade plant oils & butters, botanicals & locally grown herbs to craft skin and wellness products for your body & home.

While handcrafting natural soap, the owner learned that her grandmother was also an herbalist and soap maker, who learned her skills from their family in Puerto Rico. When you shop with Bubbly Moon Naturals you support our commitment to giving back to local nonprofits and supporting fair trade wages for women whom craft our organic shea butter.

7. Rizos Curls

Rizos Curls is created from the heart and is the perfect formula for defined, bouncy, shiny, frizz-free, soft, voluminous curls. Curly hair is beautiful, use Rizos and go show those curls off girl!  

Growing up, I went through many phases with my curly hair. I hid it in a tight, gelled-down ponytail, wore it à la crunchy with extra hairspray, and even straightened with a clothes iron! As a little girl, I saved my money to buy every curl product I found – but nothing ever worked. While battling with my hair over the years, I told myself that one day I would create the very best product for curly-haired girls like me. I spent years creating the perfect formula. I wanted a product made with quality and natural ingredients that could celebrate all curl types, from my Tia’s coily strands to my sister’s loose waves. With Rizos Curls, I finally turned my dream into a reality.

❤️ Con Amor, Julissa Prado

8. Café Con Libros

Café con Libros; Coffee with Books, is an ode to my culture.  It is an intentional play on words: Café con Leche; Coffee with Milk.  Choosing “Café con Libros” as the namesake of my first child, is one of many ways that I am choosing to lay claim to my identity as I see, live and breathe it.  It is also a reminder that neither books or coffee are the province of the privileged; many cultures around the world have deep roots in the coffee industry including Latinx countries.

9. Mujer con Afro

Mujer con Afro is an Afro-Latina owned graphic t-shirt shop. Designs are inspired by Latinas who honor their rich culture and ancestral heritage. The Latinas who wear these Tees are proud; they represent the melanin rainbow of their skin and honor the natural roots of their hair. Mujer Con Afro T-shirts wearers aren’t afraid to let the world know who they are and wear their Tees boldly and unapologetically–AS THEY SHOULD!

10. Covedoza

COVEDOZA is committed to financially empowering female artists that identify as Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) from around the world by creating sustainable, short or long-term collaborations that will generate passive income for and awareness about the artist via our online platform.  Once a theme is agreed upon, the artist creates the designs and gives COVEDOZA the right to print them on lifestyle products that aim to empower the women that buy them. 

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About Molly Voska

Molly is a volunteer supporter. She works with Captura Group, a Hispanic + Digital Full-Service Marketing Agency, to uplift Latino Businesses, and support the Latino community. Molly comes from an entrepreneurial family and understands the challenges of owning a small business.