Be a resource partner and help grow and expand the Support Latino initiative. With your support, we look forward to offering more than just a day of recognition, providing more access, opportunity and invaluable resources to advance the Latino business journey.

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Partnership Support Options

Be listed as a member/spotlighted on the website and socialShare about Support Latino online through social media posts with social toolkit providedBe available to speak to media about your support for 'Support Latino'By signing up other Latino businesses and leadersInterested in providing small business resources (mentoring, trainings, etc.)Interested in requesting merchOther

Financial Partnership Support Options - Select boxes if interested in contributing (This is not a binding agreement).

Willing to contribute to the SL Hub directory of all Latino businesses and leadersWilling to contribute to the SL Entrepreneur FundWilling to host Support Latino event on September 14th (or during Hispanic Heritage Month)I'd like to contribute in another way

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