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National Shop Latino Day to Recognize Latino Business Community Powering the U.S. Economy

Community organizations and national business partners rally behind efforts to recognize and support U.S. Latino businesses  

Austin, TX – August. 14, 2019 – In a historic launch dedicated to supporting Latino-owned businesses, National Shop Latino Day will kick-off this Hispanic Heritage Month on September 14 to encourage people to shop at Latino-owned businesses and highlight the significant contributions Latinos make to the U.S. economy. The campaign is led by a diverse group of partners, including the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Aspen Institute Latinos & Society, Board of Hispanic Caucus Chairs, and Univision, among many others.

“As the largest coalition of Hispanic owned businesses in the country, the USHCC is proud to help launch the inaugural Shop Latino Day at a time when the Latino community is more united than ever,” said USHCC President & CEO Ramiro A Cavazos. “Latino business leaders in all 50 states have helped build the economies and communities that they’re a part of, and made our country what it is today. Together with community partners and our chambers across the country , we’re taking Sept 14th to refocus on the positive contributions and efforts of our people make everyday. We hope you will join us.”

Community organizations, corporate brands, business leaders, elected officials, and entrepreneurs are collaborating behind this initiative with the mission to change the national narrative about Latinos living in the U.S. and shedding light on the significant economic contributions they make, the jobs they help create, and the positive impact they bring to all local communities. 

According to a recent Stanford study, Latino entrepreneurs are starting businesses faster than any other group, driving $700 billion into the U.S. economy annually. UnidosUS projects that Hispanics, the youngest and largest minority in America, will account for about 20% of the U.S. workforce in five years.

This increase in Latino labor growth, coupled with a rapid rise in educational attainment, is projected to contribute more to U.S. GDP growth than non-Hispanic labor by 2025, according to Peterson Institution for International Economics (PIIE). With a population expected to almost double to 111 million by 2060, Latino consumers currently represent 1.7 trillion in buying power and expected to continue growing over the next two decades.

The National Shop Latino Day campaign consists of four key stages: A national day of action on September 14 to recognize the economic contributions of Latinos in America and encourage supporters to shop at a Latino-owned business; building a comprehensive business directory of Latino-owned companies; establishing a one-stop-shop resource hub for entrepreneurs; and creating an impact fund. 

As part of a larger mission, partners will work to continue the Shop Latino Day momentum with the building of a nexus dedicated to supporting diverse businesses, through the fostering of a strong business network, robust resource support center, financial funding, mentorship and more, all working to elevate Latino-led businesses in every step of their business journey.

To be a part of the Shop Latino movement, a narrative focused on the positive contributions, stories, and achievements on our country’s diverse make-up and an ongoing resource to support Latino owned businesses visit


Maritza Huerta


Shop Latino is a nation-wide initiative shining a light on the crucial economic contributions Latino businesses make, the jobs they help create, and the unique role they play in their local communities.  Behind it, is one of the nation’s most diverse network of partners – including business leaders, owners, entrepreneurs, local activists, community organizations, elected officials, and corporate brands – coming together to tell stories about the impact Latino business have today, and the endless possibilities they’ll be realizing tomorrow. 

Shop Latino Day represents the campaign’s first step in the building of a nexus of resources dedicated to the 360 support of diverse businesses, creating a strong network, innovative support hub, financial fund and mentorship. For more information or to get involved, visit and follow on social @ShopLatinoUS.


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